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Iron Man 1/9 Scale Action Hero Vignette Series

The much anticipated new Action Hero Vignette line-up from Dragon raises 1/9 scale action hero figures to new heights! Utilizing the same blockbusting movie characters and poses, these vignettes can be considered a deluxe version of the basic model kit. Each figure is pre-painted and separated into just a few parts since Dragon has already thoughtfully pre-assembled all smaller components. This means collectors can rapidly complete the process of assembly and mount their figure on the fully finished vignette base provided in the set. Indeed, customers can build up a colorful static model on a vignette base in under 5 minutes!

Our Iron Man 1/9 Action Hero Vignettes

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Iron Man 1/9 Scale Model Kits

This scintillating new line from Dragon features movie blockbuster characters in 1/9 and 1/12 scale. Each stunning character is faithfully reproduced in model kit form, allowing collectors to assemble their figures individually. Each of the world-famous characters in the series is the end product of exhaustive design, and the heroes are made with an eye to perfect accuracy and authenticity. Furthermore, the model figures are separated into as few parts as possible to ensure they’re extremely easy to assemble. Indeed, within about an hour collectors can complete assembly of their action hero in a suitably dramatic pose.

Iron Man - 3" Battlefield Collection

Dragon's Iron Man 3 Series - 3" Battlefield Collection is highly collectable with its attractive price (each $88).

Each figure comes with diorama base representing each armor from the scene.

More photos and details will be updated.

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